MYA * Silicone Baby with Articulated Cloth Body and Silicone Tummy


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Baby Mya * Silicone Prototype 1 * 1st Best Silicone Award 2017

NOTE: Images shown belongs to Silicone Prototype 1 * 1ST BEST SILICONE AWARD 2017.

This baby is made of silicone with a cloth body, complete limbs and a non-sexed silicone tummy.

It is a very Limited Silicone Edition of only 3 babies worldwide and one can be yours!

PLEASE NOTE that they are sold by purchase order. The photos you see belong to the prototype and I show them as a reference of my art and quality, level of detail and personal style of painting (you can also take a look at my previous creations in silicone to see what you can expect).

I do not try to make an exact copy of my other creations (there are never 2 identical babies; being something created by hand each baby is a unique and exclusive piece), but according to my style and hyperrealistic technique.

MYA details

-Baby size 3 months
-Open eyes / use high quality German glass eyes
-Open mouth, accept pacifier
- Ecoflex 20 high quality platinum silicone
-Full silicone and cloth body tips
-Non-sexed Silicone tummy placed on the fabric body

If you are interested, make a reservation and we will contact you by email so we can talk about your preferences for a skin tone or type of hair, smoother or curler.

Details that restrict my creativity and realistic freedom of interpretation and creation cannot be chosen. Thanks for your understanding.

Please keep in mind that I don't have an exact delivery date and that every baby requires several months of creation. You must understand that it will be several months of waiting until your baby is completed, finished and sent. If you are in a hurry to get a baby now, this is not the right option for you.

Each baby will be sent home once finished and completed, with a set of clothes selected to my liking, gift accessories and extras, their Certificate of Authenticity listed and signed, in addition to a specific care guide.

TOTAL PRICE: € 3800 VAT included and FREE TRANSPORTATION (national and international).

I offer payment in installments, for this and more information, contact me BY EMAIL at .

There are only 3 spots available! If you are clear, make your reservation by entering your information and we will contact you by email.

This product is no longer in stock

  • Reservation * You will pay € 380 as a reservation for a total of € 3800 VAT and transport incl.

380,00 €


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