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Nala is an Original Creation of MYA BABIES, modeled from scratch by the sculptor María Jordano, based on the real photograph of an African-American baby.

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Nala is a very sweet and special creation, with many realistic anatomical details that you don't want to miss! Nala's silicone sculpture made its debut by winning three International awards in Spain and the United States:


2019_ Best Silicone Award by the Jury_EXPO Doll Show (Valencia, Spain)

2019_ 1st Best Silicone Award by the Jury_ROSE Doll Show (Utah,USA

2019_ People´s Choice Best Silicone Award_ROSE Doll Show (Utah,USA)

Nala is a beautiful vinyl baby with full limbs, measuring approximately 48 cm with bent legs ( aprox 19"-20" ), so her size is newborn. It includes its custom cloth body and its COA (Numered Certificate of Authenticity). The vinyl is thick and of high quality, also has a perfect color as a base for painting.


The total price of the kit is 95.59 euros.

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- Anatomically based on a real African American baby

- Full limbs (legs and arms)

- The kit consists of limbs and head

- Tailor-made cloth body is included with the kit

- Eyes closed and mouth ajar that admits a modified pacifier

- Numbered COA (Certificate of Authenticity) in each Limited Edition

- Length approx 48cm with flexed legs (approx 19"-20”)

- Head circumference approx 33 cm (approx 13”)


*** PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE BUYING A VINYL KIT WITHOUT PAINTING OR MOUNTING. The photos are of the prototypes made by different International Artists, they are samples of how the kit can be seen once finished and assembled ****

This is the FIRST EDITION, Limited and Listed.

We will not open the next Limited and Enumerated Edition until we have a high demand from Distributors and the public (and it can be in a few months), so you MUST DO YOUR ORDER NOW IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO STAY WITHOUT YOUR KIT NALA!

Each Edition will be Limited and Enumerated, with its COA Certificate of Authenticity listed and certifying to which edition it belongs. This means that Nala is intended to be a continuation kit in time but limited (so it will not always be available and we cannot certify availability dates or forecasts of future preorders) in addition the kits will be Listed with its Certificate of Authenticity for greater control against illegal copies and as an added value of collection.

Payments are not refundable. 

Once you receive the kit, please check it within 24 hours to be able to report if there is any factory damage. Once handled or spent more time, factory will not be responsible as it may have been tampered with, poorly stored or any other situation outside the production.

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95,59 €


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