These prototypes (boy and girl) are full body silicone, anatomically correct modeled and all creating process from scratch to finish made by me, Maria Jordano. They have both open mouth and I added a realistic tongue inside. Babies can take real preemie pacifiers!

The feeling when holding them is outstanding due the perfect weight and how cuddly and lifelike they are! They feel so soft to the touch that it looks like real baby skin, super silky, and makes you wanted to have in your arms and cuddle forever.

These sweet babies come from a smoke free workshop.



These Bonnie babies has been painted with María Jordano´s own mixing and blend of silicone colors, with a realistic and beautiful coloring and details like the fine hair and eyebrows, the nails, mottling, soft veining, ...  No detail has been missed on them. María like very much to mix her own colors to achieve a wide range of tonalities and shades with wich to enjoy and reach a greater realism.

The babies has been painted layer by layer with high quality silicone base and silicone pigments for a more professional and best finish results. The skin includes lots of different layers of colors and shadows to get a very realistic newborn skin tone.

In to the final step babies was matted with “Silicone Velvet”, an awesome powder which leaves the silicone with an extremely silky and soft feeling that will last forever!You will always want to touch this velvety soft like peach skin. This makes lint don´t stick to your baby, so also this will make your baby look better and clean with no need to be constantly cleaning it.



Both babies has super soft high quality *heike politz* mohair hair in a very nice mix of blondes. When you touch the little heads you feel like a real baby hair. The hair was rooted using two different direccional maps created by Maria,and so the hair has a natural directional grows and seem very realistic.

Like all MYA BABIES´s babies, they are solid silicone wich means, the micro rooted hair on the heads can´t be sealed inside, so you need to have extreme care when brushing, holding or dressing, as the hair can be pulled out. María always makes a very deep micro rooting of hair to help it stay longer. Please remember, if treated gently it will last in perfect conditions over the years!



Each prototype will come home with a gorgeous unboxing prepared for the new mom! 

Boxes Filled with real preemie clothes , real premiee pacifier, premiee diaper, They will have each their COA (Certificate of Authenticity) signed by Maria Jordano, care guide instructions, some powder special for maintaining your baby and special surprise gift.

 All well wraped and prepared for the tryp to the new home!



Layaway payment acepted (up to 9 months) for this option please contact me as soon as possible.

Please note payments are non refundables in any case!




Buyers are responsible for any customs fees or taxes their counties may charge them.



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