Silicone Kit Blanca

BLANCA is a hyperrealistic platinum silicone baby that you can assemble thanks to our kit system.

New product

Silicone Kit Blanca

Limited Edition Unavailable

Unpainted Kit composed of Platinum Silicone Extremities and Head (cloth body not included).

  • Limited Edition. Once it has been sold, no more will be produced! Do not miss yours!
  • Platinum Silicone Head and Extremities EcoFlex 20 (fabric body of 20" recommended, not included)
  • Size Newborn
  • Ring on the neck that allows you to turn the head easily
  • Perfect anatomical cloth body created by Manuela Svoboda
  • Open mouth for pacifier
  • Certificate of Limited Edition Authenticity and Care Guide

*** Shipments are certified with your tracking number for peace of mind and security.

*** In international shipments outside Spain we are not responsible for the charges or actions that may be caused in customs.

*** For this baby we accept payments in installments up to 3 months (the amount of the shipment is paid in the third month). For this option please contact us by email ( Thank you!

*** No returns are made in full or installment payments, so please read everything, see all the photos and ask any questions before buying. Thank you!



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