Biracial EMMA

no more units are made

This is Baby Emma completely made by us with special Biracial Skin tone. It is a beautiful platinum silicone full body preemie baby in one unic piece. BIRACIAL SKIN PAINT 

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Biracial EMMA

Emma is a worldwide limited edition of only 30 kits (20 unpainted and 10 finished by us) plus 3 AP (Artist Proofs)

  • Platinum silicone high quality. Ecoflex 20
  • Micro-rooted * Delta Dawn high quality *  Mohair hair and eyelashes.
  • Special Biracial Skin paint.
  • Lenght 12 inch (with bend legs), weight 2,26 lb.
  • Open mouth with all the inner details (gums, gingiva, tongue). Can take real micro preemie pacifiers.
  • Numbered COA (Certificate of Authenticity) AP2 of 3


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1 400,00 €


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