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MYA Babies. Portraits, molding & pouring of hyperrealistic babiesMYA Babies. Portraits, molding & pouring of hyperrealistic babies
MYA Babies. Portraits, molding & pouring of hyperrealistic babiesMYA Babies. Portraits, molding & pouring of hyperrealistic babies

María Jordano & Alejandro Fedriani

Both are Professional Sculptors specializing in Hyperrealism in silicone and have made all kinds of artwork and portraits in various materials (silicone, wood carving, stone carving, clay, bronze, polyester resin, etc.) so we offer a high quality service and professionalism with a great experience.

Molding & pouring

MOLDING & POURING is a service in wich we create and fill Platinum Silicone mold for those artists who want to convert their modeling in a Silicone Edition. The artist receives his creation in Silicon ready to paint.

To order this service, please send us an e-mail with photographs, measurements, details (position, open / closed eyes, hands, etc) and amount of silicone models you want (Limited Edition), to evaluate the process and make a budget for you.

MYA Babies. Portraits, molding & pouring of hyperrealistic babies

About portraits

We create full body Platinum Silicone Babies using real photos the client gives to us. Another possibility could be that we create a full body Platinum Silicone Baby customized to your liking with the references and description of the baby of your dreams.

This is not "customize" a model that already exists, it´s about creating a baby modeling all forms from scratch and make a portrait with full anatomical body modeling. The complex process of molds, mold filling, retouching and arrangements, the whole process of hyperrealistic painting layer by layer glazes to mimic the skin, hair grafting micro-rooting it at the actual direction of hair growth ... All processes are made with the best materials available.

The silicone used is the same as the one for medical prosthetic aim, because of its high imitation to real skin. Pigments are specific for this silicone and are sealed with a subsequent matificado in order to remove permanent disposal glare. The result is a beautiful hyperrealistic baby.

All our work process as care and the election of the highest quality materials, results in a perfect baby.

The portraits are very special: it requires processes and techniques and we need several months of work; over six months in total only for modeling a good portrait and approximately three months for making molds and finishing the first baby. About nine months in total for a full silicone body baby portrait of the highest quality.

MYA Babies. Molding process
MYA Babies. Molding process
MYA Babies. Molding process


Your price may vary depending on whether you don´t mind if we use the mold to do a limited series later. In this case, after making the prototype test, the first edition baby would be for you. So, we could do a deal on the price, because that could spread the cost of time spent in creating the portrait, the costs of materials and molds, etc.

  • PayPal payment: paypal fees are assumed by the customer, the rate would be 3.4% in Spain and 4, 9% for countries outside Spain.
  • Bank transfer: the client must assume the charges the bank may charge (national or international).
  • For portraits we accept installment payments adapted to the possibilities of our customers, reaching agreement on the monthly amount you can pay. Note that the baby will be sent to you when all the payments are finalized.
  • Payments are nonrefundable. Once the first payment the customer accepts the terms and conditions herein.
  • Installments: the client must pay up to date each month beginning from 1 to 5. If the customer don´t pay two installments, the payments wouldn´t be refund and the order will be canceled.
  • Consult us for the waiting list.


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