General Terms and Conditions

***PLEASE, read carefully all this information below about the conditions on wich the sales and orders of our creations are governed ***

The use by the user of any of the services or products here bought, implies adherence and express acceptance to all general terms of use posted in this online commerce at the time the user accesses it, and the special conditions that apply.

The monthly installment payments have a first deposit reserve request and a subsequent monthly amount that will perform after payment of the deposit, between the 1st and 5th of each month consecutively until the total payment. With the completion of the reservation payment (first payment), you agree to be in accordance with all terms and conditions and commits to perform the full purchase and make all monthly payments consecutively as described.

Payments, both the reserve and the rest of the payment (either in a lump sum or monthly installments) are non-refundable, as you to make the reservation payment has committed to buying the product as described in above.

Installment payments are a special deal we offer, without obligation to do so, to those customers who want to buy our creations and can´t (or do not wish) to make a payment in a single amount. In this type of purchase (in monthly installments) There is no extra charge or additional commission.

The product will always be sent after full payment. The total indicated prices include 21% VAT 

The customer is aware that is buying a work of art, a unique piece, completely created from scratch artistic and manually. It is a work of high quality art but a fragile and unique material despite being of very high quality, because of its qualities must have care and especially careful handling. The customer is responsible for dealing with this work of art carefully and follow the instructions on handling and care they receive printed next to the sculpture (if you buy a baby hyperrealistic finished by us) and can also be found on our website.

For this very reason we explained, returns are not admitted because they are vulnerable to poor care or any negligent use since they are unpacked upon receipt. We do professional shipping, ship completely protected and packed all our creations, so they can not be damaged on the way and arrive with the same quality and excellence that they leave our workshop. However you can add to your request a shipment with full insurance to ensure your order on the way because we are not responsible for any damage that could cause shipping services and customs. This is the responsibility of the customer. If the customer lives in a country where shipments suffer from risk of loss or theft, we are not responsible. Customer is responsible of this and we recommend to request a total insurance cover against these dangers.

As security, we need you to tell us at the same time you receive the product purchased your opinion on the status. We greatly value the opinion and satisfaction of our customers! (But remember, we´re not liable for the use made once it has been unpacked for the reasons described above, is full responsibility of the person who acquires the product /s make a good use of it and care for it according to the instructions for last longer in excellent condition).


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