Painting & Matifiying Silicone Intensive Course


from March 13 to 15, 2020

Intensive Platinum Silicone Painting and Matting Course

NEXT COURSE in our workshop in Seville (Spain).

VERY LIMITED PLACES (10 students).

Learn from artists with numerous international awards

Materials, techniques, solutions, tricks, special effects and much more. You will return home being able to apply everything learned, very valuable information that you will have put into practice live, the only real way to learn and understand such a complex but exciting technique.

Who is this course for

If you like to paint, you love baby sculptures and collecting, this is your world!

You do not need previous experience, we teach you the technique from scratch.

Do not hesitate and book your place now. We offer only some courses a year.

Who are the teachers?

María Jordano and Alejandro Fedriani are professional sculptors and artists with extensive experience, passionate about art and thorough with each new project.

We invite you to know a little more about them by clicking HERE

What do you need

Currently, there is no availability of Silicone Kits in MYA BABIES so it is essential to FIRST CHECK with María and Alejandro which Kit and which artist you intend to buy and take to the course.

IT IS ESSENTIAL because, due to the commitment of the Artists, as Sculptors Belonging to Prestige groups (IIORA and others), Kits of people / companies that are illegal copy-plagiarism will not be admitted. Also, we can provide you a list of artists that sell Original Silicone Kits.


  • You must bring your Silicone Kit.
  • You must bring your personal gas mask.

The rest of the materials, tools, and tools are included and placed at your disposal in the workshop to create your baby.

The results are unmatched. The comments of other artists who have already attended our courses support us (you can see our social networks) and that is why you should not miss it.

Sign up now! Make your reservation before the places run out


  • Creation of glazes by layers of shades.
  • Learning of own mixtures of color with silicone pigments.
  • The yes and no > Understand the materials, problems that may arise and how to solve them.
  • Learning techniques during the different stages and their applications.
  • Tricks for better results, tools that will help in the creation phase.
  • Matified silk skin effect technique. Learn to qualify like a professional, with an impressive final result.

ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE is what you will learn in our course, you will also live a very beautiful experience and you will be able to solve doubts and see situations that arise during the classes to learn to face at home the problems that arise.

We recommend:

- Bring clothes and accessories (cloth body, fillings, etc.) so you can ride your baby on the last day and take pictures with the babies. It will be very fun!

You will take a diploma that certifies that you have completed this course with us.

What materials do we use

In MYA BABIES we are very demanding with the materials we use and a large part of the investment we make is to obtain the best results. We investigate periodically and this allows us to use the most innovative and highest quality in the market.

We will only use Novocs, a less toxic and high quality solvent.

We will use a special matting powder of very high cost but that leaves a silky effect and prevents everything from sticking to our babies.

The pigments are specific for silicone, giving a professional, permanent and high quality result.

Terms & Payment

  • Total amount of the course: € 850 VAT included.
  • A reservation of € 350 is made and the rest of the payment will be delivered on the 1st day of class in the workshop. ONLY you can attend class upon payment.
  • Capacity Limited to only 10 students. If the course is not filled, the right to cancel MYA BABIES and return the reservation is reserved.
  • Reservations are non-refundable unless the course is canceled by MYA BABIES.
  • This course will be taught by both artists (María Jordano and Alejandro Fedriani).
  • It is essential to confirm the Kit you are going to buy / bring previously.
  • It is essential to bring your gas mask (if you do not have it, ask us for information once the reservation is made).


350,00 €


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