MAYA * Silicone Kit

Unpainted kit composed of Extremities and Silicone Head (cloth body not included).

New product

Online only MAYA * Platinum Silicone Baby with articulated fabric body *

Unpainted Kit composed of Platinum Silicone Extremities and Head (cloth body not included).

  • Limited Edition. Once it has been sold, no more will be produced! Do not miss yours!
  • Platinum Silicone Head and Extremities EcoFlex 20 (fabric body of 20" recommended, not included)
  • Newborn
  • Ring on the neck that allows you to turn the head easily
  • Perfect anatomical shape created by Manuela Svoboda
  • Open mouth for pacifier
  • Certificate of Limited Edition Authenticity and Care Guide

*** Shipments are certified with your tracking number for peace of mind and security.

*** In international shipments outside Spain we are not responsible for the charges or actions that may be caused in customs.

*** For this baby we accept payments in installments up to 3 months (the amount of the shipment is paid in the third month). For this option please contact us by email ( Thank you!

*** No returns are made in full or installment payments, so please read everything, see all the photos and ask any questions before buying. Thank you!


450,00 €


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